We began in 1993 with the sending out of our first Polish missionary family to Almaty Kazakhstan. A few years later, a couple of singles and then another 2 families went to join the ministry there amongst the Kazakhs. During this period of time, dozens of individuals have travelled to encourage, support and be involved in various different ways. The main activity has been short-term mission trips to Almaty to support the long term missionaries and local converts.

In 2002, Mission to the East sent out another family, this time to Lutsk in the Ukraine, followed  in 2010 by another young couple who went  to begin another ministry in western Ukraine in Orzew near Rivne

Today, although many of our missionaries have had to return home to Poland mainly due to the increased cost of living in the countries and the lack of finances, we as a committed group of individuals desire to continue to have real spiritual influence in HIS church in both Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.

The goals are being accomplished today through missionary trips to these places, co-operating and working alongside the local labourers, and locally in Poland being involved in educating and informing people about the East (one group that has expressed extreme interest are young college-students). We lead seminars and workshops about inter-cultural communication, organize displays and meetings about Eastern culture, and in addition make presentations about our mission activities working with Muslims and people groups who have lived under communism.